Welcome to New Growth Behavioral Health Services
- providing therapy and counseling in Port Angeles, WA

Our mission at New Growth Behavioral Health Services is to provide you with a wide variety of professional services to help you resolve your life issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. We believe in a partnership between client and therapist, and will make every effort to work jointly toward your goals. All our treatment plans are specially created to fit the unique needs of each individual.


Special Notice:

You may have noticed the for sale sign in front of the building. We want to assure everyone that it's only the building for sale. New Growth is not, and will continue to do business at our current location.


Individual, couples, family, child/adolescent, and group counseling.


Depression and anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relational stress, self-esteem enhancement, parenting skills training, chronic pain or illness, assertiveness and communication skills, trauma recovery and many more.


We can also provide seminars, workshops and classes on parenting topics, child development topics, stress reduction, assertive and communication training, relationship enhancement and other mental health topics.

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