We are excited to offer Play Therapy Intensives!


Intensives are multiple appointments in a short amount of time. Play Therapy Intensives are for all ages (4 years old and up)! As a parent/guardian, you may want to sign your child up for Play Therapy Intensives. As a teen or adult, you may want to try a more experiential form of therapy, and Play Therapy Intensives are just the thing!

Research shows that multiple play therapy sessions in a short period of time can be as effective, or more so than meeting weekly over a longer period of time. Having appointments with increased frequency helps you/your child focus and get to work faster on the challenges. The experiences of our lives are an onion-like layer of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It is difficult to predict how much healing and integration you or your child will have in a single intensives experience. The healing of one experience may reveal another challenge to integrate. If that’s the case, we can talk about referrals or scheduling another intensive.

During play therapy, you or your child may engage in play in ways that reveal your and their inner worlds without needing to express it verbally. With a play therapist as your guide, play can be focused on exploring challenges and moving toward healing. Play therapy is a way to strengthen your ability to regulate yourself and re-pattern your nervous system.

This structure is intense. You or your child will be working hard in a short amount of time. In between sessions, you or your child may need quiet or rest time. If you’re a parent/guardian, your child may show a need to have more care from you, such as snuggling with you or making them some nourishing food. They may also need some space alone. Please follow your child’s lead for what they need. They may show you through behavior rather than words.

For a one-week boot camp, there are a total of 11 appointments.

    1. Intake appointment (for youth, this is with the parent/caregiver/guardian)
    2. Nine appointments in 5 days
    3. Summary final appointment (for youth, this is with the parent/caregiver/guardian)

Here’s the schedule:
Day 1: Intake (can be online)
Day 2: A morning and an afternoon appointment
Day 3: A morning and an afternoon appointment
Day 4: One appointment; (for youth, there’s also a 30-45 minute phone call with parents/caregiver)
Day 5: A morning and an afternoon appointment
Day 6: A morning and an afternoon appointment
Day 7: One final appointment (for youth, this is a summary with parents/caregiver and can be online)

Cost / Good Faith Estimate
The price for one week of intensive therapy is: $3,875.00
The price for two weeks of intensive therapy is: $6,750.00

Payment plans are available and must be paid in full before the first scheduled session.
Missed appointments will not be rescheduled.

New Growth Counseling Services will not bill insurance for play therapy intensives. Our experience has been that insurance will not cover more than one appointment a day. In addition, insurance requires a diagnosis, and we do not diagnose those participating in the Play Therapy Intensives. According to Dr. Bruce Perry, a research psychiatrist who’s worked with traumatized children for over 30 years, diagnoses are not connected to the physiology of what is going on when a child is struggling. He believes “it’s not a valid way to think about the complexities of human beings.” Rather than a diagnosis, we will identify the specific behaviors, thoughts, or situations a child is struggling with and work with them to regulate and integrate the experience.

Contact us to get started on you or your child’s transformation!